Lucinda Gordon Lennox
MSc, MBACP (Accred), FDAP

Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist

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Why choose trauma therapy

Signs of trauma show up in our emotions, or our behaviours.

All of the below are signs of trauma:

PTSD (flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks)



Eating Disorders (or disordered eating of any kind)

A need to reach for external vices (alcohol, cigarettes, food, shopping, people etc) even if not "addicted"

People pleasing

Inability to stand up for ourselves

Constantly stressed about life

Over spending / under spending

Relationship problems

Lack of relationships

Feelings of isolation or separateness

Feelings of shame

Arrogance or grandiosity

Irrational fears

Uncontrollable anger or rage

Daily exercise fixations

Fear of losing control

Concerned with appearances over personality


Afraid to speak our truth

Post Partum Depression


Imposter syndrome 

Sense of entitlement


Feeling responsible for everyone and / or everything

Feelings of "should" and "ought"

Inability to delegate

Living in a constant state of fear

Low-level anxiety

Feeling guilty pretty often

Feeling as though we have an inauthentic sense of self

Most of what weighs us down isn’t ours to carry. Various life events cause us to build up barriers to experiencing our true selves, and this can claim our power as individuals.

I help people who present with either specific traumatic events that they wish to heal, or with troubling feelings and/or behaviours that are hindering their everyday life, or both, in order that they can shed what no longer serves them, discover their true selves, and fully sit in their power. 

I did my basic EMDR training with Barbara Larch at the EMDR London and Munich Centre. I have also trained with Robert Lefever in London, to gain a further understanding of EMDR and addiction recovery, with Laurel Parnell in Attachment-Focussed EMDR and with Jim Knipe in EMDR for Complex PTSD and Dissociation. I hold a Masters in Addiction Psychology (MSc) from London Southbank University, and am a member of the Parnell Institution in California.

I am also a member of the FDAP and an Accredited member of the BACP.

Although the mechanics of EMDR remain standard, with my various trainings in different application techniques, I am able to tailor-make my approach to EMDR treatment with each of my clients, depending on their presentation, their history, and their own individual way of healing. 

I am also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a Reiki practitioner, and I combine this holistic approach with my psychotherapy work. 

I began my working life as a pianist, and am an Associate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for Piano Performance (AGSM Perf.). I went on to become Assistant Head of Music and Head of Choral Music at St Mary’s, Wantage, followed by a time at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

I live in South West London with my two children.

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EMDR was a form of therapy almost completely unknown to me a few years ago. It is also one of the major transformative forces that have given me the ability to live my life and be in the world as I am, rather than how I felt I should be. Like any therapy, it is challenging and intense. I had prior experience of EMDR before seeing Lucinda. However, doing EMDR with Lucinda has allowed me to look deeper, beyond what I perceived to be the “big” trauma. A lot of what kept me stuck in old ways of looking at life and myself was not obvious, and Lucinda helped me look at that in a safe and gentle way. She is very intuitive as to what will help best in that moment. I was able to unwind events and beliefs that I believed would haunt me with the same intensity forever. I would highly recommend EMDR with Lucinda.

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