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Lucinda Gordon Lennox
MSc, MBACP (Accred)

Therapist, Mentor, Coach, Trauma Specialist

My book, Nobody is Broken,
is available from
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Working with me

If we are are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, lacking confidence, anxious, depressed, low, quietly addicted, stuck, bored, or not good enough, these are some of the signs that we are not aligned with our true Self and therefore not living our best life. 


We might be doing really well, but we want to expand and grow just that much more, or just a whole lot faster.  Perhaps we have an itch that there is more, or that we could be and do more - but we just don't know how to get there. 

We all want to live our best life. 

Most of what weighs us down isn't ours to carry. Various life events, along with the deep conditioning that begins in utero (and before), causes us to build up barriers to experiencing our true selves, and this claims our power as an individual. 

Luckily we can change this. 

We are on this planet with the capacity to live a wonderful life - every single one of us. 

We all have the capacity to heal and grow.

Our bodies and our systems are infinitely wise.

We will look together at where you are now and where you would like to be. 

Using a combination of energetics, mindset, and trauma work with the help of 
AI-EMDR, we will work to close this gap - much more quickly

If you are ready for transformation and this feels right for you, please get in touch below.   



About me



I have over a decade of experience helping people to overcome blocks that prevent us from moving forward in a way that we most desire, and witnessing the transformation that naturally accompanies this.  I am a mother, an author, transformational mentor and trauma specialist, speaker and a regular contributor to UK news outlets on well-being. 


I am an EMDR practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and am certified in Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono. I have trained with Matt Wesson, Laurel Parnell, Mark Brayne, Barbara Lerch and Jim Knipe for AF-EMDR, with Eric Pearl for Reconnective Healing, Lakis Chrysanthou for Reiki and Dr. Joe Vitale for Ho'oponopono. I hold a Masters (MSc) in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and I am a member of the Parnell Institute in California.

I am also an accredited member of the BACP.

I began my working life as a pianist and am an Associate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for Piano Performance (AGSM Perf.). After being Assistant Head of Music and Head of Choral Music at St Mary's Wantage, I spent a decade in the city at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. My own journey of transformation began in 2007 which is when I began re-training in order that I could help others to transform and thrive.

I live in South West London with my two children. 


Please note this is an older website. For more information and up to date offerings and services, I invite you to join me at the inner expansion agency. You can also find me on Instagram

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